House to HOME…Declutter with me

In the world that we live in ….do you find your life feeling cluttered?  We have so many things on your plate from social media, activities, children, family, friends, school, church, and then there is our house.  Do you ever feel like your house is no longer a home?  Do you feel like your house is being taken over by stuff and clutter?

I have decided to eat that elephant called my house and eat it one bite at a time.  How am I going to do that you ask?  Well….currently we are 20 weeks away from Christmas.  So, over the next 20 weeks, I will aim to declutter only one area at a time or one bite at a time. 

This will break things down so that it is not as overwhelming, and I can set each week aside for just one extra task.  The great part about doing it this way… that after 20 weeks, I will have 20 areas of my life cleaned up.  Also, I can also look at this that I can do this in the next 20 weeks and look forward to Christmas and know that my house is retaking shape as my HOME!

If you would like to join me, I will have a series on my YouTube channel called “House to Home…Declutter with Me”.  Over the next 20 weeks, we will declutter an area together and you can follow along by printing a copy of the PDF of the 20-week journey. Also, there is a 52-week list if you want to be adventurous and have a full year’s worth of decluttering your house.

Ok, let’s do this together!

I will post the first video in the series to give you a taste of what we will be doing and then you can follow each week on YouTube for the next video in the series.

I hope you enjoy it!

Lynn A. C. Wilson – Resume of a Mother (Blog) At Home with Lynn Wilson (YouTube)

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