The Best Homemade Sandwiches and Coleslaw Recipie

Now there is a sandwich and then there is a sandwich.  Growing up we were sent to school with a PB and J, a cheese sandwich, or a bologna and cheese sandwich at best. There were no frills about it and usually it came with an apple and 2 cookies, and you purchased your milk from the school lunchroom.

I remember when I started working full time and I had my first experience of going out to lunch with the girls….and I got a sandwich from a deli.  WOW…. what a difference from the school lunches I was so used to.

From there on end, I was hooked on wanting to purchase a really good sandwich to enjoy on my lunch break.  The problem is now…. deli sandwiches are costly and as much as they taste wonderful….my budget and my wallet do not like spending that kind of money daily.

So, what is a girl to do…. go back to cheese sandwiches and an apple every day……. No, Wait!  Come and check out my ideas for a really good sandwich that you can make for yourself that is not only delicious but great for the wallet too.

Let’s not forget about also doing a little meal prep to start our week off right.  Again, to save money on the wallet and still enjoy some great food, go and pick up one whole chicken to cook up and make several meals with it.  One chicken can feed a family of 1 – 4 for several hearty meals for the week.

I have attached my video of all these wonderful ideas as well as my homemade coleslaw recipe!

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out my channel!

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