Welcome to my blog…

resumeofamother_familyMy name is Lynn Wilson and my blog’s name is “Resume of a Mother”. As many of us know as mothers… if we were to write down all that we do, this would constitute a resume that would land us any number of jobs.

Let me introduce myself… I am a girl from NJ, I am married almost 30 years, my family is designed by God! He has allowed us to include myself, a full-time working mom, my husband whose home country is Zambia Africa, we are both home-school parents currently to our special needs adopted teenager, and we are parents to our oldest son who is married to our beautiful daughter-in-law.

We have been privileged as a family to serve and work full-time in a Christian ministry for over 20 years. It has been a unique experience with living and working in a small community in the Pine barrens of New Jersey.

Our family is made up of many layers and uniquenesses. This includes my husband who is an epileptic and is on full-time disability, myself who works full-time outside the home, my husband is the CEO of our home and runs our home better than I could have ever done. Our oldest son is a Director of Marketing and his wife works full-time as well. Our youngest son is adopted, and is autistic along with a few other life challenging disabilities. As a family we strive to enjoy life’s adventures and challenges one day at a time. With each adventure we set a goal to learn from it, to move forward and to grow.

Our faith, family and friends are our lifeline. Our home church is what we would consider our home away from home.

So who is this person Lynn Wilson… Again I work full-time outside the home, I have homeschooled both of our boys, I am a women’s ministry coordinator, I speak at women’s events and retreats, I am a blogger, I am part of the planner community, a crafter, scrapbooker, someone who enjoys the little things in life, coffee lover, someone who plays Christmas music year round and is not ashamed to admit it, I love old nostalgic TV programs, the fall season, pumpkins, baking and lots and lots of pocketbooks and bags!

What can you expect from “ Resume of a Mother”? First and foremost would be encouragement for moms and women everywhere. Other items would include tips on decorating, crafts, DIY’s, planners, special needs children, what it is like to live with a husband on disability, recipes, basic budgeting, family fun day trips, how to adapt to a new normal.

Come and join me as I share my story with all the many layers that is attached to it. Join me as I try and share encouraging thoughts, encouraging devotionals, and just simple and every day ideas to help you to create your story.

My blog is designed to remind every mother and woman who reads it that they are special and have been designed uniquely by God himself! Every person has a unique thumbprint… And your thumbprint has left an imprint on someone else’s life. My imprint on your life would be my words of encouragement that will give you enough pep in your step to move forward and to make a difference in another person’s life for eternity.

Lynn Wilson – Resume of a Mother