Quick and Soup /Cooking up a Storm

WOW…..on those days when life’s storms come and then chaos seems to follow do you just feel like you want simplicity to come?  We had one of those days this week and I found myself craving for a simple way of life and to slow things down so that I could think about what the next step would be to take.

For me soup is comfort food and since I work full time….I don’t s usually have the time to invest in an all-day prep for soup making.  So come and join me for this quick and easy soup recipe that will not only comfort your stomach but your soul as I share some ideas of how to get though life when you have days like this and also how to turn your soup into comfort for someone else.

Lynn A. C. Wilson – Resume of a Mother


Cleaning out the freezer/freezer and pantry challenge #2020

I love watching you-tube channels on home and organization.  How about you? I sat one day and watch 2 of my favorite channels….”Jamerrill Stewart” and “Parsnips and Parsimonny”.  These are two large families, but the overall idea is the same.  One family will lady fill thier pantry once a month for the next months menu with a few extras and the other family will fill their pantry with extras and for when the budget is tight…they then have food in the pantry to pull from.

After watching the two of them….I took one look at my Freezers and realized….what a mess!!! Not only was it a mess but I would by doubles of things I did not need and not enough of what I needed because it was not organized.  Another you-tube channel that I love is “Coupons to Provide”.  She goes on to say how she is a visual person…and oh how I could relate to that.  If she puts in away in a closet etc…and she does not see it….she forgets she had it.

Bingo…that gave me an idea.  What I need is place for a pantry that would be organized, simple ( with my busy schedule I need this), efficient for the family to use and visual for me to know quickly what I have to work with for meals.

So, I emptied my pantry….what a job.  Sorted what I want and gave away and blessed someone else with the things I will not use and created a great little nook to look at .

Now every time I enter and exit my kitchen….I get to see my pantry stash of stuff and I love it.  If you are not a visual person and or a practical functional homemaker….this would probably drive you nuts.  But for me it is perfect.

So now it is time to clean up and out my teo freezers. Creative cooking will be happening in our home from now until Easter. Come and join in the fun and clean out you bits and pieces in both your pantry and freezers.

Lynn A.C. Wilson – Resume of a Mother