Staying Positive in a negative world

Staying positive in a negative world has been a topic for many books, podcasts, and seminars.  Everyone has their own take on this topic!

Do you find it hard to do this?  I know for me….I have to try very hard to keep my head above water and my emotional state of mind fixed on positive things.  I have set up a routine for myself for daily prayer, devotions, and listening to uplifting music such as praise and worship.  Now this is me and I know this is not for everyone, but what you need to do is find these styles of things to keep you focused on good things throughout your day.

I find that so many people want to talk about the negative things…. anything positive doesn’t seem to be the popular topic.  Why is that?  Why do we tend to gravitate toward the negatives of life?

I have created a video on my channel that gives you a little more insight into me and this topic, and hope and trust it will encourage you today.

Please check it out!

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