What’s happening in your World?

Since the beginning of March 2020, we have been hit with this silent enemy that we all cannot wait to see gone. This thing we call “the virus” has stopped life, school, food supplies, lives, and so much more.  It has our focus on things we probably have not thought of for months, years, or forever.  We are reevaluating our lives, changing things around, making plans, and accommodating new ways. Some of us are out of work or have shorter hours; kids are not in regular school situations, etc.  What in the world is happening?

My youngest son has autism, and he has a very basic and black and white view of life.  While all of this is happening in our world and we are running around trying to figure it out, he has simply told me we are living like Noah. My first thought was — what is he talking about?

Gavin went on to say that God promised no more floods of water will cover the earth, but He just covered the whole earth in this virus.  And Gavin is right. The entire planet has this virus covering it.  What a thought!!!!

I had to stop and think about what this virus could mean, and I need to reflect back on the story of Noah first. When we remember some of our Bible stories as a kid, we remember the animals, Noah building the ark, the flood, and storms.  I never really thought about the magnitude of the entire story until I first saw the Ark, near the Creation Museum, a year ago.  They have many areas that depict the different scenes of the flood.  There’s one that got me right to the core, and as I stood and looked at it, the tears were flooding my eyes.  It showed Noah’s family in the ark looking out of the window, watching as the flood waters came, and the many lives that were drowning and crying out for help, but it was too late.

In reflecting what my son, Gavin, said on how God is flooding the earth with the virus, are we crying out to God?  I don’t know the mind of Christ, what God is doing, and why right now.  But all in all, I do believe that this is a time for God to move in the hearts and lives of people.  This is a time for people to have things taken away from them. We have been given one big thing, and that is called — TIME!

For such a time as this — Is God trying to get your attention?  Do you need to cry out to Him for salvation and eternity? Do you need to set some things right with Him?  For those of us who know the Lord as our personal Savior, what is God trying to bring to our attention?

With all that is going on in the entire world, I cannot believe that the Lord is not trying to wake people up.

So, what is happening in your world today, and what changes do you need to make?  Remember that God told Noah to build the Ark, and to tell others about Him.  We have the security of our salvation, and that is our Ark. We are secure and safe for eternity, but what about those around us? Don’t let them drown in the flood of the virus and/or life without speaking to them about the Lord.

Lynn A. C. Wilson – Resume of a Mother


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