Play Ball… some old-fashioned fun!

In the craziness of life… It’s fun to take a little time out and head to an old-fashioned ball game! So many people focus on the major leagues, Super Bowl etc. Our family is not big sports fans like many of you probably are. But occasionally, it is really good to go out and watch a local baseball team compete at a game. Of course popcorn and hot dogs help too… and you can’t beat going with some friends!

Last night we were able to enjoy just that. It was some old-fashioned family fun.  We could just relax after work and school and enjoy some time together.. We could have a hotdog with some popcorn and of course we had to add some delicious lemonade to the night. We were blessed that the tickets were only $1 per person.

When is the last time that you took a day or a night out to have some old-fashioned family fun? Let me know what you like to do, with some local fun in your area?

Lynn A. Wilson – Resume of a Mother

One thought on “Play Ball… some old-fashioned fun!

  1. Last night Jim and I took our 4 grandchildren to an Ice Cream Social at Manchester High School. There was live music and entertainment and of course free ice cream with all the trimmings.

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