Why Bother….

Last night I sat with a young girl and we chatted.  She made me realize that there is still good in this world and there is still a reason to care about the younger generation!

So many times I hear people say “why bother” bringing anymore kids into this world.  “Why bother “ doing the right thing.  In this crazy world…..is there any hope and should we even bother?

I am not normally a person who would choose to work with teens let alone preteens.  I currently work with a grade school age program at church.  We are a small church family so when there is a job needed to be done, you don’t say I can’t…you just jump in and help. Women’s ministry is more my thing…but again when there is a need, you just help out where you can.  At this point in time our women’s ministry leadership position is filled and there is not a whole lot of help that is needed.  So I have been praying for where I could fit in.  The other night I heard a devotional and as the speaker was sharing….her words were just the encouragement that I needed to hear to help clarify a few things.  I have had on my heart to see a mentoring group form for young women from the age of 12 – 16.  A program that would give them a place to learn a few skills, have a fun evening for a couple of hours, have a safe place to talk and to find a place/person they know they could talk with and without any judgment.  A place/person where they can share their heart and know that it will not go any further.

I remember being that age and you could not always talk to your parents….you needed someone older and wiser but not someone whom you lived with.  This program would be a good fit for a young girl who feels the say way that I once did.

So here we go…an answer from above and a new direction all rolled up into one message that I heard.  So last night I sat with a couple of young girls from my church and picked their brain.  I asked them what they would be interested in doing if I started this group.  I asked them for a snappy name to call it.  The response was overwhelming!  They were so excited to start….I was shocked on how excited they were!

At the end of the evening when we were all ready to leave….one of the young girls… as she was walking out with her mom, ran back and hugged me and said “thank you”. She then continued to say….let me know when we are going to start!  With a smile, a wink and a thumb’s up, I told her I would be in touch soon.

So I ask again, as so many people have…”Why bother”?  Why, because I found one young girl who if I could invest in her life even a little bit it could make a big difference. If I can spend a little bit of my time to make her feel special and allow her to talk through things, to learn new things etc….she could just be the one person who can make a huge difference in this world, and make it a better place!  “Why bother”…because it is a good thing and we don’t know how a little investment on our part could in fact change the world to be a better place.

Invest in a life today!  Make a difference in someone’s life!

Lynn A. Wilson – Resume of a Mother

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