Investing in a Life! Special Needs/Autism and Mentoring..

Our older son is an average young man and was fully capable of learning with the best of them.  School, sports and just about anything else was no problem for him.  He and his Dad were close buddies and spent many hours together.  Graeme Mark would learn many things from his Dad….but it was still from his Dad.  You know how that goes….kids don’t always want to be with their parents.

We learned very early on that our kids would need other mentors in their lives!  They would need someone who we trusted to come along side of them and be a mentor. Our kids needed a buddy that was not “us”, they needed a “parent-like” mentor, someone they could ask questions and confide in.img_8985-4

Our oldest son was blessed by many men that came along side of him from time to time including his grandfather.  There were two men that mentored him from around age 14, and over 10 years later are still investing in his life.

Well, now we have our youngest son who needs a mentor.  This is a little different though….because Gavin is special needs.  Autism is one of his uniqueness that was given to him along with a few other diagnosis.  This can make finding him a mentor a challenge.

We have claimed Proverbs 29:11 as his life verse from when we first adopted him.  So in true form….the Lord has kept His promises and given Gavin all that he needs.

Our oldest son mentors his brother, img_9001his grandfather has taken him under his wing, and our Pastor has helped Gavin. Our Pastor loves Gavin for all that he is.  He allows Gavin to play the drums at church, help teach worship songs to our kids club and he also spends time helping him with his reading skills.

We had the opportunity tonight through our friend Rob…for Gavin to play archery tag.  Rob asked if Gavin was busy and that he would like to invite him to join him to-night.  What a blessing for Gavin!  Rob has been someone all along that treats Gavin as a “normal” kid and makes Gavin feel special.  Rob will take the time to chat, check in on how he is doing etc… What a great relationship and what a friend we have in him, that he cares enough for our son to invest in him.

I will put the question out there to you as well…..when is the last time that you mentored someone? when is the last time that you invested in another life?  This is a good thing to be doing with your spare time!

Let me know if you have ever been mentored or if you have ever taken the time yourself to invest into another’s life.

Lynn A. Wilson – Resume of a Mother

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