A simplistic wardrobe

Some things in life are as easy as black and white.  Simplicity is my new go-to for most things in life.  To me, my life in so many areas is crazy and busy, and it can be overwhelming. 

My daily life includes work, family, a social calendar, and a side business from home.  Trying to keep all the plates spinning and keeping myself looking good has been a challenge each morning for me.’

I decided to try a new idea to me and that would include keeping my wardrobe super simple and on budget.  A basic pair of blank pants and a basic white shirt and you have your foundation for a great new wardrobe.

Black pants and white shirts can be purchased cheaply from garage sales, thrift stores, online, or in the store.  Add any color jacket or overshirt with a scarf or beads and you are all set.

Check out my video on how I mix and match a simple few jackets with my black and white foundation.

Let us not forget to have a pair of basic black or just a pair of comfortable basic black shoes. We all need a good pair of shoes that at the end of the day our feet are not hurting.

FitVillei is a great shoe company that reached out to me with a 30% discount.  Their shoes have become my favorite comfortable shoe.  Check out the link in the description for a discount code if you wanted to take a look at their website.

Thanks for stopping by and I trust this quick video will give you some great tips to refresh and or start a new basic and simple wardrobe.

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